Work in progress, with documentation

I’m happy to say that I’m working on a new concert piece, for performance in early 2013. I’m going to attempt to document some of the process of making it here. It’s probably not going to be a detailed diary – more an occasional discussion of some of the larger questions in the background.

I’m hoping that attempting to write about some of the questions I’m addressing will clarify them for myself. And of course, conversations in the comments would be welcome.

I’m also interested in the idea of putting some of my creative process into the open – I’d love to read this sort of thing about other composers’ work.

Perhaps the biggest risk will be speculation about the paths not taken. So others will be made aware of how the final piece falls short (as it inevitably will) of the original ideas.

Or it might be that too much thinking aloud will get in the way of the actual work, in which case I’ll stop. One way to find out…

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